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Hire expert video annotation service providers

Our network of vetted, highly-trained, and professionally-managed annotation workforces are ready to tackle your annotation needs. Run a pilot project and compare them all in one place for the easiest, most convenient annotation process ever.

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Create a pilot project

Create a pilot project and share it with various annotation companies to test the quality of their work.
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Share project with teams

With a single click, share a project with multiple annotation teams.
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Track performance

Measure what matters - cost, quality, and turnaround time. All of that is possible with the fastest annotation platform and services.

Video annotation use cases

object detection and tracking

Object detection & tracking

Detect and track moving objects frame by frame.

pixel-perfect tracking

Pixel-perfect tracking

Estimate changes and growth.

skeleton estimation

Skeleton estimation

Track human activities and estimate poses.

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Powerful project management tools

Deliver quality results like a pro. Our integrated project management system allows you to set user roles, define the annotation workflow, monitor analytics, and determine instructions all in one place.

Streamlined collaboration and quality management

Stay ahead of the game with our robust, multi-level QA process. Review, comment, and approve images from annotators to build the most accurate training data.

Seamless pipeline integration

Our SDK allows seamless pipeline integration and custom functions. Transfer data to and from annotation service providers automatically and seamlessly. .

Robust tooling

Scale your annotation projects with our best-in-class editor. Our advanced tools serve all annotation types and automation features, allowing annotators to deliver high-quality annotations 10x faster.

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