Image Annotation Services for AI Applications

Highly-skilled annotation workforces armed with our world-class annotation platform

The most successful annotation projects require both a highly-skilled, well-managed workforce plus an annotation platform with comprehensive tooling, robust quality assurance, and excellent project management capabilities. Our annotation and labeling teams, armed with our best-in-class annotation platform, are able to deliver the most accurate annotations to our customers in an efficient and highly-scalable fashion.


Top-quality image annotation service providers based on your criteria

Selecting the right service provider used to be hard. Sorting through and comparing the thousands of annotation workforces with no good way to vet them is time-consuming and risky. Luckily, at SuperAnnotate, we’ve solved all of these issues for you. We have a network of vetted, highly-trained, professionally managed annotation and labeling workforces ready to tackle your annotation needs. Run a pilot project and compare them all in one place for the easiest, most convenient annotation process ever.

No matter the image annotation project, we’ve got you covered

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Our Solutions

Annotation services from SuperAnnotate are done on our platform, meaning our customers get to experience the many benefits our platform provides making projects more accurate, more efficient, and more scalable.

Project Management

Your project is in safe hands thanks to our state-of-the-art project management system. Set multiple user roles allows for tight access management, define the annotation workflow, and set instructions and requirements all in one place. Analytics gives you an overview of your project, image status, and time spent on tasks.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The quality of your annotations is our number one priority. Through our robust multi-level QA process, customers can check, comment, modify, send back, and approve images from annotators. Collaboration with our annotation teams is even more seamless with our integrated chat. Our highly-skilled workforces, coupled with our robust QA process helps annotation teams and computer vision engineers build the most accurate training data possible.

Pipeline Integration with our SDK

Our SDK allows for seamless pipeline integration and custom functions. Transfer data to and from annotation service providers automatically and seamlessly. Remove the headaches of manual data management with SuperAnnotate.

Feature-Rich Tooling

All of our annotators work inside of our best-in-class annotation editor. With robust tooling for all kinds of image annotation types including bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, ellipses, and cuboids our platform helps ensure your data is annotated with precision and speed. In addition, our automation features such as advanced workflows and our patented edge-detection technology give our annotation service providers the ability to annotate up to 10x faster passing those savings on to you.

Choose a better way to label your data.