Our mission is to provide the fastest end-to-end platform for computer vision engineers and labeling teams to annotate, manage, and automate computer vision projects.

About Us

We are a growing team of passionate tech enthusiasts, including members with machine learning Ph.D.s (and dropouts), experienced engineers, and business professionals from all over the world. When we realized that the technology our CTO built during his Ph.D. could accurately complete most annotation tasks at least ten times faster than traditional methods, we saw an opportunity. Two brothers dropped out of their Ph.D. programs at top universities to found SuperAnnotate. We work hard to make annotation tasks as fast and accurate as possible so you can focus more on building your computer vision models with the highest detection accuracies.

Leadership Team

Tigran Petrosyan
Tigran Petrosyan
Vahan Petrosyan
Vahan Petrosyan
David  Badalyan
David Badalyan
VP of Engineering
Jason  Liang
Jason Liang
VP of Business Development
Michael  Aday
Michael Aday
VP of Partnerships
Stefan  Radisavljevic
Stefan Radisavljevic
Head of Product
Hovnatan Karapetyan
Hovnatan Karapetyan
Machine Learning Team Lead
Susanna  Keyan
Susanna Keyan
People and Culture Manager


Pieter  Abbeel
Pieter Abbeel
Co-founder of Convariant
Trevor Darrell
Trevor Darrell
Professor at UC Berkeley
Hovhannes Avoyan
Hovhannes Avoyan
Founder and CEO of Picsart
Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng
Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng
Professor at Nankai University, China
Gary Bradski
Gary Bradski
Founder and President at OpenCV

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