SuperAnnotate Academic Program

Revolutionizing computer vision learning and research

Built by CV researchers, SuperAnnotate aims to democratize the access of building, training, and deploying CV models for real-life applications. Get up to 200 hours of GPU training and create the highest-quality datasets with SuperAnnotate. Apply now to get your free credits.

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For faculty

Create hands-on learning classes

Enhance your course and support your research with SuperAnnotate. Our platform is advanced yet user-friendly, allowing you to seamlessly teach your students how to create top-performing machine learning models and give them a competitive edge for their academic and professional careers.

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For researchers

Put theory into practice

Apply what you’re learning in the classroom and build a solid foundation for your study. AI is moving fast, and learning how to create accurate and high-quality training data will keep you ahead of the game.

Build and train the highest-performing models with our end-to-end computer vision platform.