Annotation Automation Platform for Computer Vision

It all starts with the data.
To perfect your machine learning algorithms, it is more important to have correctly labeled data than to build complex deep learning models. At SuperAnnotate, we provide a multitude of tools for the entire pipeline to obtain high-quality training data. From teams to user management, from annotation to quality assurance, and from data training to sustainable scaling, we provide the best tools for an effective annotation automation process.

SuperAnnotate product


We provide an end-to-end platform to create, annotate, manage, iterate, and finish computer vision projects. Our advanced features, such as automatic predictions; active learning; transfer learning; and flexible user, quality, and data management systems, allow computer vision engineers to accelerate a given task by at least three times.

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Desktop App

As a computer vision engineer we know how important it is to have an advanced and fast performing annotation platform installed right in your laptop or desktop. We provide a complete set of solutions to annotate your computer vision projects everywhere and everytime you want.

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Semantic Segmentation

As the computer vision and machine learning industries evolve with incredible speed, the quality of your deep learning algorithm mainly depends on the amount of annotated data you can obtain. Our patented segmentation tools, based on our CTO’s Ph.D. thesis, drastically accelerate the most tedious pixel-accurate annotation, making it as quick as setting bounding boxes. With this technology, we aim to make bounding box annotations obsolete.

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Whether you train your data for computer vision or other machine learning projects, the speed and quality of your annotation projects depend immensely on your management tools and quality control mechanisms. Those tools and mechanisms are absolutely critical when trying to scale the annotation quantities.

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Video Annotation

Get the best tools for video annotation without compromising speed, editor efficiency, or machine learning features. Contact us for more details about video annotation.

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AI Automation

Manual annotation is tedious and time-consuming. At SuperAnnotate, we understand the value of iteration in solving various ML and computer vision problems. SuperAnnotate uses the best ML-aided features for automating tasks such as object detection, instance segmentation, semantic segmentation, emotion recognition, human pose estimation, OCR recognition, and receipt or financial data transcription. The platform also provides the fastest annotation tools for certain levels of human intervention, the combination of which is critical for improving your training data process and prediction accuracy.

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Analytics tools are the key to successful project management and data management. Find complete analytical information regarding project and user levels. The detailed and flexible dashboards at SuperAnnotate allow you to monitor your project in real time and have a clear idea of your progress and resource distribution.

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Finding the right annotation service partner can be a big challenge. Find and test as many annotation service teams as you need with a single click, and choose the best experts according to your budget, quality, timing and other requirements. Our goal is to make the time-consuming process of the partner search and task distribution as efficient as possible.

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