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Our highly-qualified annotation teams will manage your projects and deliver the results you want. Set the requirements and have direct oversight of the project progress, QA, and team performance.

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Create a pilot project

Create a pilot project and share it with various annotation companies to test the quality of their work.
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Share project with teams

With a single click, share a project with multiple annotation teams.
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Track performance

Measure what matters - cost, quality, and turnaround time. All of that is possible with the fastest annotation platform and services.

Annotations Types​

Image Annotation Services

Give machine learning models the power of vision by teaching them to recognize their surroundings using premium-quality image annotations. Our advanced and intuitive image annotation services support projects of all sizes across various industries, from autonomous vehicles and medical imaging to security and surveillance, and more.

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Video Annotation Services

Train your AI for various object tracking use cases using clear-cut video data. Convert your video into a sequence of images, and use the various AI-powered tools to automate the video annotation process.

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Why SuperAnnotate?

All-in-one solution

SuperAnnotate is a comprehensive platform where users can perform a variety of tasks all in one place

Project planning and execution

You can manage your annotation projects without leaving the platform. Create projects, assign roles to users, define the workflow, set instructions and requirements, and track the project progress all in one place.

Manual and automatic labeling

Annotation projects vary from one another, that’s why we made sure to provide different labeling techniques to accommodate your needs. You can annotate images manually, or use automatic labeling in order to minimize the annotation time.

Quality assurance (QA)

Your project will be error-free thanks to our integrated QA pipeline. By making the QA part of the annotation workflow, you can deliver projects faster without compromising on quality. A QA can request completed images from the platform, and approve or disapprove the annotations. Approved images that meet the project requirements will be sent to the admin, and disapproved images will be sent back to the annotator for further review.


Our advanced features, such as smart prediction, active learning, and transfer learning, allow you to accelerate annotation tasks by at least three times.

Smart prediction

Generate accurate predictions faster than ever using model predictions. You can use available model predictions or create your own.

Active learning

Enhance the performance of your neural networks by annotating the most uncertain data. SuperAnnotate will help you to select the data which will have the highest imporact on your accuracy

Transfer learning

Develop models using the knowledge gained from existing models, and train your neural networks to make accurate predictions in less time.


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At SuperAnnotate, we understand that communication is the key to provide high quality annotations, that is why we have a large team of annotators across all regions:

  • South Asia,
  • Southeast Asia,
  • Eastern Europe,
  • Western Europe,
  • Africa,
  • South America,
  • North America.

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SuperAnnotate is committed to being the most trusted annotation platform and service provider for computer vision. That is why we comply with the following regulations:
GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO 9001

DSS PCI compliant
HIPPA compliant

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